5G Service & Requirement

Trend of Mobile Service

  1. data traffic
  2. connected devices
  3. cloud
  4. hyper-realistic media
  5. big data analysis

5G Mobile Service Scenario

  • Intelligence
  • Omnipresence
  • Publicness
  • Autonomy(Mobility)
  • Immersiveness

Immersive Service

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Telepresence
  • ePPV (enhanced Pay Per View)
  • Massive contents streaming
  • Holographic service


  • makes a user feel as if she were in the same place with others in remote place

ePPV (enhanced Pay Per View)

Massive contents streaming

Requirement for the immersive service

  • image quality: 4K, 8K
  • VR viewing angle: 200 degrees
  • data processing and streaming by cloud
  • faster transmission speed
  • hologram generation and delivery

Intelligent Service

  • User-centric computing
  • Crowed area service

User-centric computing

  • 개인 정보를 바탕으로 하는 개인화 서비스
  • 개인 주변에 있는 많은 센서를 통해 수집된 big data

Crowed area service

Requirement for intelligent services

  • local data
  • mobile edge computing

Omnipresent Service

  • Internet of Things

Requirement for omnipresent services

  • identifiers of devices like IPv6
  • connection management between devices
  • tx/rx data between massive number of IoT devices

Public Services

  • Disaster Monitoring
  • Private security / public safety
  • Emergency services

Disaster Monitoring

  • mMTC 시나리오
  • public safety network를 바탕으로 재해 / 재난 상황을 모니터링

Private security / public safety

  • police, fire station 과 public CCTV 상호working

Emergency services

  • 응급처치 로봇 in a mountain area
  • quick responsiveness to emergency situation

Requirements for public services

  • low latency
  • high speed transmission for high quality video

Autonomous Services

  • smart transportation
  • Robot
  • Drone

Smart transportation


  • Cyber Physical System(CPS)


Requirement for autonomous services

  • transmission speed for higher definition video
  • network reliability
  • low latency

Core Network Requirements

Wireless Network Requirements

Spectral efficiency (bps/Hz)

  • 모든 사용자의 총 처리량을 채널 대역폭으로 나눈 셀 수로 나눈 값

Peak data rate

  • 이론상 최대 달성가능한 data 속도
  • 20Gbps

User experience data rate

  • CDF 5% user가 느낄 수 있는 data rate
  • 100Mbps


control plane latency

  • connection mode를 변경하면서 측정되는 latency
  • idle to active state (50ms)

user plain latency

  • base station 에서 user terminal 사이one-way 전송 시간
  • 1ms


  • traffic channel 링크를 유지할 수 있는 최대 속도
  • 500km/h

Handover interrupt time

  • handover로 인해 user plane packet을 교환할 수 없는 시간 간격
  • 10ms

Areal capacity(Mbps/m2)

  • 단위 면적에 5G RAN Cell로 제공할 수 있는 모든 network 용량
  • 10 Mbps / m2


  • 단위 면적당 연결할 수 있고 접근 가능한 모든 devices number
  • 10^6 / km2